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2020 has been hard on the travel industry, especially if you’re a small-scale travel agency. It gets hard to stay in the cut-throat competition and target audience your way for your travel websites. Various travel companies have turned to SEO experts and SEO consultants for travel SEO strategy.
If the previous statement makes you nervous and worried about your SEO for the travel, let us tell you that you landed on the right SEO agency!

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As a leading Internet marketing agency, we know that your travel business is unique. We want you to embrace what makes you different and what makes you stand out from the crowd. That’s why we offer an SEO strategy customized to fit your unique travel SEO services needs, goals, and expectations. Whether you are searching for a partner to manage your travel marketing services or a full-service SEO team to design and boost your travel websites to the top spot in search results - SEOKOT is here for you!

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Travel Marketing Strategy: Link Building.

Embrace what makes you different and what makes you stand out!

SEOKOT is here for you!

As a business owner, you must be well aware of how SEO for travel depends highly on quality link buildings. During our research and surveys, our SEO team discovered that people were happier to click on sites and link from a well-trusted advice site rather than what they judged as “unbiased” and “unverified sites.” If you want our experienced SEO team to generate leads for your business, here’s what you got to do:
Step 1: Drop us an email at our official email address.
Step 2: The rest is up to us! We will call you and discuss everything that needs to be laid down before working on your website. It’s important for us to be on the same page as our client.
Step 3: What should you expect from us:
We will design an SEO strategy according to your website.
Judge how many leads do you require to achieve your objective
Wok with you still you achieve your goals
Calculate the organic traffic and conversion growth needed to fulfil your objective
Constant reports and updates to you about the website
Work on increasing the growth of generating leads
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Customized Travel SEO Strategy

Our SEO team has the skills to help your travel company succeed.

we make sure to deliver high-quality results that differ us from other travel SEO marketing agency.

We have been a part of the SEO industry for a long. We play along with Google algorithms and other search engines’ tactics. Our SEO team has the skills to help your travel company succeed. Google web marketing, among other tactics, is how we make sure to deliver high-quality results that differ us from other travel SEO marketing agency and we will make sure our SEO for travel makes you differ from other travel businesses.

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Beat the competitor in the travel SEO industry.

Our SEO team is there to help you.

Let our agency help you beat the competitor in the travel SEO industry and create quality content and much more for your business, and, as a result, make your travel SEO site land in the Google search results! Our SEO team will help you to generate:
1. High-quality content creation
2. Keyword Research and keyword analysis
3. Website analysis
4. Meta descriptions
5. Title tag
6. Get online marketing and attract organic traffic
7. Increase search visibility
8. Blog posts
9. Enhance user experience now!

Goal Tracking For Smaller Scale Businesses

There is another way to keep track of the generated leads, but phone calls & emails prove that the SEO efforts are working and bringing in more lead and organic traffic.

Tracking leads look a little bit different for every scale of business. Similarly, for a small-scale company, the marketing agencies might use different SEO strategies to get the desired results.
For smaller businesses, our SEO agents tend to generate quality leads through phone calls and email sequences. While tracking these calls and emails, you can keep an eye because of how the lead started a bond. It gets comparatively easy and gives the customers a personalized touch. There is another way to keep track of the generated leads, but phone calls and emails prove that the SEO efforts are working and bringing in more lead and organic traffic.

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Enhancing User Experience And Travel SEO Services

The hard work, money, and time a business owner invests in his content creation and customer satisfaction is exceptional. Over the years, we’ve seen many tour operators getting demotivated and burning their money when their originally intended travel SEO site idea does not turn to generate a customer base as they thought it would. But we’ll make sure you don’t turn out to be one of them!
We know it is essential to enhance the customer experience to become your clients once they leave your site. We make sure customers engage with your site and give signals that ensure their satisfaction with your travel SEO site. And we all know how important that is. Our SEO team makes sure the “dwell time” your customers spend on your site is average enough to promote your site on the search engine results page. Dwell time is known as the amount of time a customer spends on your page before returning to the original search engine results page.


Goal Tracking For Larger-Scale Firms

Goal tracking is an element that works best for larger-scale businesses that want to keep an eye on the increased traffic, revenue, leads, etc. Our SEO team makes sure we set such a strategy for such business that indicates the way a lead came into the marketing funnel. This makes sure that the specific lead or leads get adequately assigned to the sales department.


Return On Investment (ROI)

ROI or return on investment is the commonly used metric of success. It determines the ways SEO has boosted the company’s organic traffic and search engine rankings or results.
Many SEO agencies forget or dismiss the essential part of the SEO campaign throughout all SEO campaign efforts. We believe the return on investment (ROI) is always our primary goal. Our account management team will provide you with detailed monthly reports that will adequately show you the revenue generated on the notable elements of your SEO travel company, as well as the areas which can use improvements and any possible increases. It will also display the return on investment and the medium through which the revenue increased. For instance, organic traffic, blogs, etc. Let us handle all with our SEO campaign while you sit back and enjoy!


How Will You Benefit From The ROI Report?

After looking at the ROI report and which notable elements of the SEO campaign affect your business, it gets relatable easier to determine its scalability. If a business gets a grip of the ROI and understands how SEO and their business can benefit from ROI, small or large businesses can judge whether utilizing SEO‘s best practices will help push their rankings up, bring more traffic to their pages overall increase their ROI and revenue.

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Content And Digital Marketing For Your Travel Business

Travel content marketing is a vital way of boosting SEO for tourism companies. By improving SEO, travel companies can drive traffic organically to their site. That’s why many travel companies today are focusing on designing in-depth travel guides and attractive brochures.

Travel Blogs

Blog posts are a massive part of our SEO strategy because they are really important for every travel agency. They play a significant role in attracting clients and may lead the client’s decision to bookings. Our SEO team will construct high-quality travel blog posts on your link profile, guest posting on other related blogs, create leads like online travel guides and eBooks, or design high-converting email campaigns while all rights are reserved for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Travel SEO is the process of optimizing your content or product and services for search engines concerning the Google ranking.
A car dealer SEO depends on what kind of package you chose for your SEO, but it goes till $8000-9000 approx. For more information on the Car dealer SEO, you can request downloading our free business guide.
Search engine optimization has helped local agencies to experience extraordinary growth that was unimaginable a few years ago. Seo’s strategies and tactics to work along with the Google algorithm have helped many small-scale and large-scale travel agencies to grow.
With just travel search engine optimization, typically within 4-5 weeks. However, it can vary depending on many factors such as:
  • The state of your listing before we started.
  • How optimized your local competitors are already.
  • How optimized your website is for search engines.
SEO services for travel agency focus on linking rich in SEO words, link building strategies (external and internal link building) blogs related to travel, search engine optimized content to ensure you land on the search engine results pages and many more. focus on finding high-quality websites to help link back towards your website
It is necessary to do your research as the first step. Search the query on Google related to your niche, and once you do, you will witness the number of results in the form of answers. Whatever results show up on SERPs, take a great look at them because these websites are your competitors.
Go ahead and put down the main keywords on a piece of paper. Use those keywords and other related to them in your content but make sure it doesn’t look chaotic or out of rhythm. The clients should not feel alienated by your content. Look at how the competitors made their pages attractive. Put in relevant information related to your business and add internal links to direct people on other pages within your site. Since technical SEO is tricky and trick, you might want to hire a professional SEO agency to execute an SEO campaign for your travel SEO agency.
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