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One of the most challenging problems faced by news websites today is getting noticed in Google news. Let us optimize your news website and make you unlock its hidden potential. Get your website seen by the right people and increase your monetization substantially. Are you fed up with investing immensely in writing news articles that aren't even reaching your desired audience? Let us optimize your news articles with our customized SEO for news websites.
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We Optimize Your Entire Website

Our experts have extensive experience in SEO, which enables them to execute each and every strategy for your news website flawlessly. We create a unique sitemap for your Google news content. Where it may take a newbie a long time to grasp the concept of the Google news sitemap instructions, our experts know how to create a news sitemap for your news website that helps it get noticed. Once the sitemap is finalized, we move towards your news site's navigation. With the help of our best, we lower the load time of your news site for smoother navigation. Experiencing such smooth navigation, we doubt your visitors would have to use accelerated mobile pages. Our goal is to make sure whatever traffic you get to your site is of optimum benefit to you with our best practices.

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Why You Need SEO To Beat The Competition

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The media industry is the most competitive one out there. Your competitors are paying huge sums of money to get traffic to your site. If you want to survive in this media world, it is important for you to invest in an effective strategy. Since a tremendous source of traffic nowadays is from Google, it is important for you to get your site optimized by Google SEO experts. Since an SEO site ranks highest on search pages, it makes it look more credible and increases its awareness among individuals. SEO is the most imperative factor to focus on to build a trusted audience for your site.

Why You Need Our Services

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Writing a story that is interesting is merely sufficient to rank on the first page of Google. Google's search engines operate very differently, and if you want to gain more traffic on the web like Google, you need to optimize your site accordingly. If you're not sure how you can do so, do not worry, that is what our experts are here for. Our professionals know Google's operations like the back of their hands. We optimize each article on your site and your sitemap, keeping Google's measures in mind. Furthermore, we make your site more mobile-friendly as most of the sites get their visitors online. With hundreds of news sites growing by the minute on Google, the likelihood of your article getting lost in the last few pages of Google results is high. That is if your published article is scarce in keywords and links. However, once your page content is optimized by us, it is guaranteed to be on one of the first pages of Google results. Such a pristine position on Google is important if you want your content to be more visible to users, generating more traffic and revenue.

Rich Keywords For Your News Articles

Be fast when writing your articles, and be even faster when optimizing them!

No matter how well-written the news stories on your news sites are, even if they're by the top-most news publisher out there, SEO rules it all. If the articles on your news sites are not abundant in SEO keywords, they won't reach your desired audience. Our SEO experts have great command over how they can incorporate SEO-rich keywords into the content of your news sites by quickly performing keyword research. Hence, this improves the rankings of all of your news content on Google news. Moreover, we develop a whole news index for news sites that includes all your articles systematically so that if a visitor wishes to read a particular article, they can conveniently find it, making it a better user experience.

We Cross-Check Your Content

We eradicate any and all errors, including duplicate content, and ensuring your content is excellent and completely deprived of any hateful speech, illegal or graphic news.

Google news has set a large list of guidelines that are required to be followed at all times when generating new news content for sites. Our professionals follow these guidelines properly by ensuring your content (blog post, article) does not contain any of their prohibited content. We eradicate any and all errors, including duplicate content, and ensuring your content is excellent and completely deprived of any hateful speech, illegal or graphic news. This service of ours, in particular, is found quite handy by our clients, who would often find their articles getting removed dye to it containing prohibited content.

Why Choose Us As Your Go-To SEO Company

Increase Organic Traffic. Land First Page Search Results.

It is quite easy to find an SEO service provider that can provide you a list of strategies for your news site that can improve its rankings and get more traffic to it. However, to have an SEO company with an army of professionals at your disposal whose main aim is to take your news site to a whole another level is something else. Once you hire us to make your news articles friendly to search engines, we dedicate all of our time to make sure we provide top-notch quality service to you. Our team of professionals is always enthusiastic about providing services to our clients in the best ways they can, and our long list of testimonials proves so. We take great pride in our ever-growing list of news sites that we have helped establish as the main ones in the media industry. Our clients keep choosing us again and again because they value and put their trust in our services. Hire our services today, and let us make sure that we drastically increase the visibility of your page.

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How We Use Links To Your Advantage

Let's suppose your news site has discovered a new report that needs to be published right away. In that case, our responsive team of experts will immediately come up with ways to how you can advertise your article that it reaches the maximum number of people. We will come up with a unique idea for a social media post having a link to your article. In this way, you will get a larger fraction of the audience from social media as well. Whether it is a blog post or a social media post, we use maximum places we can to use links that direct all sorts of traffic to your original content. When Google notices your article getting everyone's attention, it is automatically going to recommend your article page on Google to people looking for relevant articles.

Track Your Site Progress

Every SEO company promises countless progress and changes; but, we only promise what we can actually deliver. We constantly keep our clients updated on their site's progress. We do so by providing them a complete report on the before and after of the statistics of their site numbers. These numbers include the amount of traffic, visitors, and conversion rate. The progress report is entirely data-driven, with evidence that accounts for each number. Furthermore, we share your site's domain authority with you at all times. Honesty, authority, and trust are all pivotal factors that we pay great heed to, which is why you can completely trust us with all your data.

Beat The Local Competitors By Mobile-Friendly Content

According to research, a greater percentage of people view news articles online on their mobile phones compared to those that read a printed newspaper article. Undoubtedly, it is important to optimize your content according to SEO practices, but it is also equally important to optimize your site in a way that is mobile-friendly for the user's smooth navigation. Our experts know how to use the best practices, including best sites for links, keywords on each page, to make your article page rank on the first pages of Google, even for mobile users.

Take Advantage Unique Strategies For Each Site

Our team understands the essence of being unique. A basic strategy is not sufficient enough for your site to have top rankings. SEO is not like clothes; one size does not fit everyone. Hence, we ensure we write and come up with a new and unique strategy for each client of ours that is tailored and customized according to their needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO stands for search engine optimization. As the name insinuates, SEO is the process of optimizing a website by implementing strategies that would make it friendlier to search engines. When a person searches a particular query related to the niche of your website, hundreds of search results show up. A website optimized according to SEO strategies would have a better ranking as compared to ones that don't. In a gist, SEO increases the visibility of a website to relevant searches.
SEO services, as they would help any industry, contribute majorly to help local news publishers too. SEO helps them grow their organic audience by sending unpaid, real, genuine, and organic traffic to their website by real clicks. SEO helps increase the online visibility and presence of a news publication website and gives them the attention they've been working hard for.
Since a high percentage of visitors click only the first few websites that show up on the search results page, being one of these websites gives them countless advantages. SEO increases the visibility of news websites due to their high position in search results. The increased visibility causes an increased amount of organic traffic to the news site. Organic traffic majorly contributes to Google recognizing the news site, which results in Google recommending it even more to new visitors searching for a query related to your news articles. A drastic increase in organic traffic to a news site gives it a great deal of attention by big names that help these news websites monetize even more.
The top leading SEO companies charge around $1,500 to $10,000 monthly for SEO for a news site. This amount may vary from one company to another, depending upon the number of sub-services provided by them. This cost for SEO takes about six to twelve months to start showing results.
To get started with your SEO plan for your news publishing website, you need to make a list of all the steps you need to do before implementing it. First and foremost, you need to make sure your website is easy to browse. Your news pages should not appear chaotic; they should be organized systematically for the reader. A search bar would help users locate what they're looking for conveniently. Including internal links that link to other pages of your site is also a good idea for smoother navigation. After looking over your news sitemaps, optimize your news content keeping all the SEO factors in mind. Carry out thorough keyword research, include them in your meta tags, title tags, or meta descriptions, in conclusion, in each part of your site's content. Avoid any errors, such as duplicate content or low loading time. Eradicate any errors as soon as you can by keeping a constant check on your news site. Build quality and relevant links using a blog post or other websites. Last but not least, keep optimizing your site regularly; it enables efficient optimization and helps minimize errors.
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