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Do you think your software deserves more recognition than it has right now? We know quite well that it does. We provide you with a custom SaaS SEO campaign that significantly improves your rankings. If you want your SaaS company to survive this competitive industry, you need to have a unique SaaS SEO strategy that helps you outshine your rivals. So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you dominate the first page of Google search results with our:
- Team of SEO experts
- Quality link-building
- Unique digital marketing plans
- Unmatchable SaaS SEO strategies
- Guaranteed amount of quality traffic
- Customized content strategy, content generation, and content marketing

Why You Need SaaS SEO

Search engine optimization has proven to be one of the top methods to gain customers for software companies in 2021. Why is that so? SEO drives organic traffic to SaaS companies' sites that have proven to drive up sales by more than fifty percent. Many SaaS companies like small business ones spend little to no time developing their digital marketing strategies; this causes the traffic to be driven to other SaaS businesses whose websites are optimized according to search engines. And since the quantity of SaaS companies whose websites follow an SEO strategy is less, you can easily dominate Google search results with an effective SEO strategy. No matter how old or new your SaaS product is, it is never too late to carry out a unique plan of SEO for SaaS. The good thing about an SEO strategy is that you can apply it at any stage of your business, and it will still work out optimally for your SaaS business.

Control Your Rankings With SEO.

Establish yourself among the top SaaS companies. Hire us now to help boost your growth.

Why Choose Us As Your Go-To SEO Agency

Our team of professionals holds expertise in everything you need.

we make sure all the potential customers from organic search pages are directed to your software site.

SaaS SEO, in particular, keeps advancing, which increases the pressure on SaaS companies to stay on top of all the SEO techniques and keep developing and upgrading their SEO SaaS strategies. If you really want your SaaS product to sell, you have to make use of all the help you can get out there. Lucky for you, our team of professionals holds expertise in everything you need. With our target keyword and content marketing strategy, we make sure all the potential customers from organic search pages are directed to your software site. For example, let's say some users are trying to find a service, product, or software related to your software's niche. In this case, your site will get all this relevant traffic with the help of our impeccable SEO for SaaS.

Outshine Your Competitors With Our SEO

Do you want to surpass your competitors on Google?

Our team of experts dedicates most of their time to developing the technical SEO of your SaaS site.

Surpassing other software companies of your niche requires a lot of diligence and consistency with your SEO practices. To make space for yourself on the first few pages on Google is not an achievement, but ranking on the very first page is. Do you want to surpass your competitors on Google? Of course, you do; that is the only way you can succeed in this competitive industry and get all the potential customers. Our team of experts dedicates most of their time to developing the technical SEO of your SaaS site, which makes it easier for Google bots to understand your site more. In this way, your domain authority is improved, and a particular audience is targeted. The benefits of our specific marketing strategy are countless: inefficient strategies are discontinued, domain authority is improved substantially, and pain points are targeted more.

Unique SEO Strategy In Affordable Pricing

Maximizing your ROI.

Our customized SEO strategy is planned in a way that maximizes your benefit.

Your competitors are investing huge sums of money in developing the best SEO strategy for their software, and they have a bunch of professionals at their disposal to perform research on whatever they need. To compete with such high-quality sites having top-notch marketing plans, you need to get help from the best in this field. That is when we step in. Our SEO or content marketing strategy for each client is customized according to what they need and is reasonably priced. The results have proven to show substantial growth in even limited budgets. The best part about investing in our SEO service is that you are maximizing your ROI (Return On Investment), which means that whatever you invest, you get that back, often even with profits. Moreover, our customized SEO strategy is planned in a way that maximizes your benefits and limits your expenses by cutting down the cost of inefficient marketing practices, like email marketing.

Quit Investing In Inefficient Strategies

SEO is the master of all strategies, and this is the right time to invest in it. Let us optimize your content with our keyword research skills.

How We Optimize Your Content With SEO-Rich Keywords

Like it or not, keywords play the most pivotal role in a software site's ranking. If the content of your site or product pages is not optimized or abundant with keywords that a majority of people search for, you need to fix that as soon as you can. Better yet, you should hire us to fix that for you. Our SEO experts know which keyword or keywords people are searching for when looking for a certain product your software offers. We know how to use those keywords in your content and which tone we must use to drive all these users that have an intent to your site. With our exemplary content management strategy, we use SEO-abundant keywords in all the pages of your software site, be it product pages, a search page, or a landing page. We carry out extensive research and a test strategy beforehand to see which one would work out optimally for your software site. In this way, we drive heavy loads of traffic to your site that are genuinely interested in the product you're offering.


We Know How Google Search Engines Work

Our team of professionals has been optimizing the content for sites for way longer than you could imagine. Hence, their experience has given them great command and knowledge over how Google search engines work and about how Google algorithm operates. Hence, our experienced professionals know how to use this knowledge and make it work in your favor. As the keywords that users search for change, so does the search volume of them. Furthermore, our teammates know well how to use referring domains to link your site for marketing purposes.
Our teammates perform thorough keyword research every once in a while and make use of this information optimally. In this way, search engines find out which sites are performing well in keyword rankings (yours), meaning they're friendlier to them. The friendlier the website is to the search engine, and the more relevant it is to the user's searched query, the higher the chances are for it to get a place in the Google index. Once your site has made its way to the Google index, nothing can stop Google from recommending it to people searching for a product they can find at your site. Hence, with our keyword content strategy, you can find your way to the Google index easily.


Keywords Are Crucial For Quality Content

In SEO, the factor that holds the highest significance in generating content is keyword optimization.
Now, what is a keyword?
A keyword is a term or phrase that people repeatedly use when they want to find a certain product or service.
How do keywords contribute to your growth?
Suppose your content is optimized and has SEO-rich keywords in abundance. In that case, it will most definitely contribute majorly to making your site appear friendlier and relevant to the search engine and get you the traffic you need for your growth.
How do we get your page the traffic you need?
We optimize your content in a way that contains all the essential, high-ranking, and highly-searched keywords. Hence, people that use these keywords when searching for something are met by your page. We ensure we use all the relevant keywords in your content to give your page the boost it needs for growth.


Our Impeccable Customer Service

We take immense pride in our growing list of clients and the businesses we've helped establish and assisted in their growth. Our customer service speaks for itself by the overwhelming amount of positive testimonials we receive on a regular basis. We understand that trusting an agency with all your data may sound threatening to a few, but our trustworthiness has proved us to be a top SEO agency today. We make sure our clients are satisfied with the level of service they're getting at all times. In any case, if our clients feel even a tiny bit of dissatisfaction, we are always there to get to the root cause of that problem and solve it right away


Stay Updated On Your Progress At All Times With Our Monthly Reports

Keeping our clients informed about everything that goes on their websites is our number one priority. We value and respect our clients, and that is proven by the method we've chosen to keep them updated on the progress of their sites. Every month, we provide our clients with a complete data-driven report that provides numbers to our clients about how well their site is performing in terms of SEO. This report includes the amount of traffic you're gaining from all sources, the conversion rate of visitors to clients, and which strategy has worked out optimally for your site. We believe in being completely honest with our clients, so if SEO is not working out for your site, we would inform you.


Increase Your Conversion Rate Substantially

Let's suppose you are starting to get heavy loads of web traffic to your page, like organic traffic, referral traffic, or social traffic. In that case, how would you be completely sure that these visitors would actually turn into buyers? With our impeccable content generation, we guarantee to convert each visitor among a hundred visitors to turn into a real client. The reason behind our confidence lies in the decades of experience our professionals hold in increasing conversion rates. Our content generators know how to generate content that sells. We even have a team of proficient writers with us that create your content for you, keeping not only the keywords but the tone in mind too. Our experts write in the most persuasive tone ever that evokes the reader to buy your product right away. Hence, with our keywords usage and implementation in your content, get your conversion rate enhanced by us immediately.


What Makes Our SEO Campaigns Unique

It is a well-known statement that if you want to get success in any field that is competitive, you must develop and follow a unique strategy. A mainstream strategy will not only make your website get lost in Google pages but will also waste your precious time and efforts. Once you have invested in our SEO strategies, we ensure that each penny of yours is returned to you by maximizing your ROI (Return On Investment). Hence, the SEO campaigns we follow are different for each client, customized according to each client's need, and one that is proven to be highly beneficial. We ensure that the SEO plan we have developed for you results in maximum benefits by gathering all the data first. We execute our strategies according to methods that genuinely drive traffic and boost sales. Other companies, on the other hand, are not that confident when developing strategies because they're not entirely data-driven.


We Possess The Right Tools

In search engine optimization, tools play a pivotal role in developing strategies and measuring progress. These tools are not easily accessible to ordinary people as they may often be quite expensive or technical to use. Our experts are well-equipped with every tool out there that could contribute even negligibly to your website's progress. From reading data to getting numbers, to knowing strategies to implement and which to discard, we own it all. Hence, we save you from all the hassles of going through the data every month, assembling it, and the thoughtful process of coming up with strategies by doing it all for you. If you carry out your SEO strategy by yourself, you might not even get the outcome you desire, and you will also waste your efforts. On the other hand, if you hire our SEO services, we will take care of each and every factor for you, use every tool in your favor, provide measurable results, and keep you updated, all while not even being that heavy on your pocket.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

If you have made it this far, your decision is pretty clear. Hire us today and start counting your days to success.

What Is Included In Our SaaS SEO Strategy

We make sure that we provide maximum services within our SaaS SEO strategy. Our goal is to satisfy our clients completely and cut down their costs for other digital marketing strategies by making the most of the SEO strategies that we would be providing to them. Take a look at what we provide you:
Keyword research: we carry out thorough keyword research on your SaaS business's niche. We determine what the target keywords are that would significantly improve your rankings.
Content creation: we generate or provide you with all sorts of content for your SaaS company's site, including blog content, funnel content, blog posts that include all the target keywords with the highest search volume.
SEO best practices: we take care of all your SEO functions, including technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO.
Link-building: we make sure your landing pages are heavily backlinked by powerful websites that a large amount of audience puts their trust in.

Consistent Site Optimization

Normally if you had to hire someone to optimize your site or make changes frequently, it would probably cost you an arm and a leg. On the other hand, at SEOKOT, our team of experts is ever-ready to monitor your site frequently and optimize it according to the most advanced content marketing strategy. With our consistent and frequent site optimization, you can expect heavy organic traffic at your site at all times. Quit wasting your time, money, and efforts in a marketing strategy that no longer works, like email marketing or marketing social media pages or posts that contribute negligibly to your growth. SEO is that type of marketing that keeps updating and advancing as the search queries of users change. Hence, it is essential to keep your site updated according to all the updates in SEO, and we know how to do that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SaaS SEO, as the name insinuates, is the process of optimizing a SaaS (Software as a Service) company's website according to search engines to make it friendlier to users searching for a SaaS business. The aim of SEO is to optimize the SaaS website in such a way that it ranks higher on Google search results, preferably on the first page of Google. By doing so, the quality and quantity of the traffic on the SaaS site are improved.
SEO services help SaaS companies in multiple ways. SEO services increase a SaaS site's visibility on Google, driving more visitors to it. Hence, SEO helps improve the quality of traffic that is being driven to a SaaS site, as well as increases the amount of organic traffic. SEO helps SaaS companies spread the word about their brand, service, or products and reduces their costs on other forms of marketing, like pay per click or buying ads.
The advantages of an effective SaaS SEO strategy are countless. With high-quality and massive amounts of traffic driven to a SaaS website by SEO-rich content, the conversion rate from visitors to clients increases drastically. When a SaaS site is ranking on the first pages of Google, visitors tend to put their trust in the website and use it for their requirements. A search engine optimized website is going to appear more trustworthy to users and persuade them more to hire the website's service or start their membership.
The cost of SEO services varies from one SEO agency to another. The top SEO companies will cost SaaS businesses $1500 to $2500 every month. Moreover, this SaaS SEO service will provide numerous more sub-services within SEO.
SEO services provided to SaaS companies include multiple sub-services. First of all, the SEO agency has to create content for your SaaS company, which is generated by thorough keyword research. The research that takes place before creating content is extensive, as it includes looking for those search terms that acquire the highest search volume. Besides keyword research, which is imperative to create new content for your SaaS site, content marketing is carried out as well. Link-building is also included in this, which sends heavy loads of referral traffic to your site.
To begin, perform extensive keyword research as content plays the most significant role in SEO. If you have an impeccable content strategy with target keywords, only then will you be able to target the right audience. Besides content creation, technical SEO is essential to make crawlers understand your software better so that Google recommends it to the right audience more. Begin link-building with quality websites that people put their trust in. In this way, you will get lots of referral traffic from people who are genuinely interested in your software. Most importantly, it would be best if you built trust among your audience by showing authority.
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