Search Engine Optimization For Contractors

In the digital world of today, people do not open the telephone directory when they need contracting services. They go to the search engines. The search engines then send these potential leads to authoritative websites the search engines think can solve their users' problems. If you want search engines to recognize your construction company as an effective solution for users, then you need to employ the services of a contractor SEO company. We are a team of SEO specialists that can help your contracting business with our digital marketing and SEO services. We offer dependable contractor SEO services to different players in the contractor industry, from general contractors to specialist subcontractors of all kinds.

A Robust Contractor SEO Strategy

Your contractor SEO process at Rank By Monday starts with a detailed technical SEO audit of your business. The audit reveals the current online situation of your business. This SEO audit helps us build distinct contractor SEO campaigns for all our contractor SEO clients. According to the nature of your business, we will craft a custom contractor SEO strategy that will bring more website traffic than before. Moreover, the traffic would yield more qualified leads than before. Once the SEO for contractors has matured, the return on the investment is greater than advertising and digital marketing. And the results of the existing online marketing strategies are enhanced when more than one marketing channel is at work. Every business owner wants a high ROI in some way or the other. SEO for contractors is precisely what construction companies need but don't employ at large. They say the early bird gets the worm, and it couldn't be truer in this case. The first one to hire a contractor SEO plan will take the lead and continue to increase the gap between them and their competitors.

Are You Ready To Expand Your Construction Business?

First-rate contractor marketing and SEO for long-term, steady growth!

Why Rank Better On Search Engines

Just being a reputable company is not enough, you need to launch an SEO campaign to raise your web presence.

Let us be your dedicated digital marketing agency

75% of the users do not click on a link beyond the first page of Google. 70% of the users ignore paid ads too. Does that mean that ranking on the first page in the organic search results is highly lucrative? Most definitely, yes. That is where all the web traffic is floating around. If a contracting company is ranking high on the first page of the search results, it is bound to bring more traffic, more customers, and more business. Just being a reputable company is not enough for the search engine to make your site rank higher. You need to launch an SEO campaign to raise your web presence from the bottom to the top of the search rankings. Let us be your dedicated digital marketing agency and we will help your business expand its online visibility.

What's Included In Our Contractor SEO Package

The design will be optimized for better user experience, Crawlability, & SEO-friendliness.

A team of contractor SEO experts working hard on the back end.

    We offer a range of activities performed by a team of contractor SEO experts working hard on the back end to make your website climb the ranks.
  • We'll set the basics of SEO for your website. The design will be optimized for better user experience, crawlability, and SEO-friendliness.
  • We will research different kinds of keywords around the core contractor services and products your business sells. These keywords will be used to create rich new content for your website's on-page optimization and pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement if you opt for it.
  • Local SEO and Google My Business setup and maintenance will be performed to keep you in the local 3-pack.
  • Scoring backlinks to strengthen your backlink profile, acquire citations from construction business listings and directories.
  • We will dig deep inside the on-page elements and employ markups, rich data, different kinds of tags, meta descriptions, etc.
  • The site structure will be improved
  • The creative genius of writers and marketers is utilized to craft fresh and unique content for your website optimized for all the keywords obtained from research.

Contractor Digital Marketing

We Are a full-service digital marketing agency.

Every single marketing channel will work hand-in-hand to pull your name to the first page of the google search results.

Rank By Monday is not just an SEO agency; we are a full-service digital marketing agency. We offer internet marketing services that help contractors grow their name in the contracting industry and acquire new business. Our contractor marketing helps you build the authority of your website with an effective content marketing strategy. You will be appointed a dedicated account manager who will make sure your internet marketing campaign is running smoothly and bringing in concrete results. We will help you target customers at different points of the funnel with resourceful content, blogger outreach posting, and social media contractor marketing. Every single marketing channel will work hand-in-hand to pull your name to the first page of the google search results.

Our Different SEO Services

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Are You Ready To Expand Your Construction Business?

First-rate contractor marketing and SEO for long-term, steady growth!


SEO For Contractors That Are New In The Construction Industry

If you're looking to build a new website, we will help you build strong SEO roots from the beginning. Your brand new website will be ready for search engine optimization from the get-go. From the website copy to its design and structure, everything is made search engine-friendly for stable future growth. We will research keywords, deploy fresh website content on all the web pages, and make sure the internal links are integrated well. The web design will emanate an enchanting brand sentiment. The mobile website will be responsive and retain clickers.


Experience In Construction SEO

We proudly claim our expertise in SEO specialized for construction contractors due to our vast experience serving different types of contractors in the industry. We have served:
General Contractors
HVAC Contractors
Masons and Concrete Specialists
Restoration, Renovation and Remodelling Companies
Special Trade Contractors


Best SEO Agency For Lead Generation

Search engine optimization increases the number of leads landing on a website, which is widespread knowledge. But did you know that leads that are generated from SEO convert 8 times more than leads generated from other internet marketing and advertisement campaigns? More than half of mobile users do not contact a local business because they don't have a mobile-friendly business. About three-quarters of local searches result in a phone call. An efficient combination of internet marketing, advertisement and a powerful SEO strategy is bound to boost the number of leads generated by your web presence. For construction businesses that do not want to rely on a continuous stream of expenditure going to the advertisement can make the most use of a concentrated SEO lead generation service. The fundamentals of SEO remain the same; only the focus of intent changes on the task level. As a result, you get a kickstart in the number of leads generated from the start of the SEO process


Results And Reporting

We understand that construction and home services is an ever-changing industry. It is imperative that we continually monitor the trends of the business and make sure that your name is always leading on the web. We also monitor your competitors and their performance and employ smart techniques to find options where you can take the lead. All the analytics of your performance are accumulated and prepared for a monthly report that is sent to you with all the details required for you to assess the performance of your SEO campaign. We deliver results in metrics that are easy to measure. We also keep an eagle eye on any potential risks of penalties or other occurrences that can hurt your reputation and, ultimately, your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is the combination of activities performed in the customization of a website to make it more search engine friendly. Contracting services form a huge industry with their own norms and culture. The SEO efforts that are performed for contractors and home services providers are called contractor SEO. These SEO efforts are performed keeping in mind the contracting industry.
SEO services help contractors increase their online visibility and increase the traffic coming to their websites. More traffic means more potential customers, more leads, and more revenue.
Although the complete array of SEO tactics is usually employed, the following are essential for construction contractors and home services providers:
  • Local SEO for local search and business listings
  • On-page SEO to make the best use of all SEO features, improve crawlability and visibility
  • Acquiring backlinks from other authoritative websites to strengthen domain authority without any risky black hat SEO techniques
  • Employing markups, rich snippets, meta descriptions, heading and alt tags, and incorporating relevant keywords where they naturally fit
  • Off-page SEO that includes internet marketing, social media, receiving brand mentions from clients and customers, etc.
  • Improving the website speed and performance on mobile devices
  • Checking the website content for errors and duplication, and employing canonical tags where necessary
  • Keyword research and optimization to direct the focus of the website on increasing traffic quantity and quality
The cost of SEO for any business depends upon the size of the business, the amount of competition they have, the current situation of their website marketing strategy, and the SEO efforts they need to start optimizing their web presence. To know how much SEO for contractors will cost, leave your details on the landing page of any SEO agency worth their salt. They will be able to perform a basic assessment of your business and give you a rough estimate of how much it will cost to hire that SEO Company for the SEO of your contracting business
SEO is a sure-shot but long-term strategy. It takes 6 months for SEO to mature. From the start of the SEO campaign, it will take at the very least 6 months for you to start seeing results. But after that point, the results continue to grow until they reach a point where the ROI of SEO surpasses that of an equivalent advertisement campaign. So it depends upon the metric with which you're gauging the results. In any case, 6 months is the time period SEO requires before results become apparent.
To get started with SEO, the first thing you need to check is if your website is indexed by Google. Clarify the site structure and build an XML sitemap for your website. You also need to write a robots.txt file that will help the crawlers crawl your web pages. As Google crawls the pages, it indexes them. You can submit your sitemap manually using Google Search Console, but for that, you will have to set up your Google Search Console and Google Analytics. These tools help webmasters in assessing the performance of their websites. You can hire contractor SEO specialists to save time. An expert will be able to do these tasks in a better, more efficient manner. They will set you on a path for better potential SEO success.
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