A Custom Cannabis SEO Strategy

There are various SEO strategies with different mixes of SEO services working their magic in the back end. All the different SEO strategies have the same common goal to rank higher in the organic search results. We at Rank By Monday craft a custom SEO strategy for each of our clients devised around their business philosophy. We understand the cannabis industry, the different types of cannabis companies, and their different cannabis websites. Couple that with our years of experience and best-in-the-game SEO professionals, and you've got yourself a prime cannabis SEO agency. Talk to us for a technical SEO audit of your current website, and get free SEO tips on performing cannabis SEO.

Medical Marijuana Marketing

Rank By Monday will serve as a digital marketing agency for your cannabis marketing needs. Although medical marijuana and cannabis products are legal in many places, we still have a long way to go before public perception and federal regulations accept cannabis and CBD as more than just feel-good substances. We are an experienced cannabis marketing agency that will generate high-quality cannabis-related content to acquire real estate in the search results around the niche topics for all kinds of cannabis brands. Our data-driven keyword research helps us design content to bring organic traffic. We make sure we're hitting the keywords with the right keyword difficulty for your cannabis SEO success.

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We Grow Organically!

We Grow Business Organically!

The more your visibility and the more traffic you acquire, the more the number of potential customers.

Whether you grow your cannabis or marijuana products organically or not, we grow business organically. Search engine optimization employs tactics that help search engines better recognize your cannabis business as one of authority and utility for the user. In turn, you get precious spots in the search result pages where users can easily find you. The more your visibility and the more traffic you acquire, the more the number of potential customers. That means your business is getting marketed without employing the use of advertisement. The best part about organic growth is that it stays even after you've stopped spending money to maintain your position, unlike ads whose revenue disappears the moment the ads disappear. There is no doubt that SEO does not bring instant results as advertisement does, but in the long run, the revenue generated from SEO is greater. The ROI is greater, and the rewards are bigger. Get yourself a professional SEO agency to start reaping the benefits of search engine optimization today.

Recreational Marijuana Website Optimization

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Recreational marijuana customers are looking for you online. How are you attracting them? Let a marijuana SEO work for you in bringing your business the visibility it deserves with our marijuana SEO tactics. We will optimize your website and help you create an impactful presence online to bring you more traffic and increase the number of customers. Talk to us for an estimate and the SEO strategy for your marijuana store.

Social Media Marketing & Blogger Outreach

Grow your business with the support of a professional cannabis SEO agency at your back.

Grow your business with the support of a professional cannabis SEO agency at your back.

We understand the laws around the cannabis industry and find creative ways to help you market your content and product to customers. Our smart social media marketing helps you stay legal while providing publicity at the same time. You need unique and high-quality content to attract traffic to your website from social media and search engines. Our content marketing strategy will help you acquire real estate in the search results, get you valuable links from bloggers and influencers, and increase the amount of traffic. This traffic converts into customers and clients that will generate revenue with a low return on investment. Grow your business with the support of a professional cannabis SEO agency at your back.

Our Different SEO Services

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Marijuana SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Service

We have a range of activities that we perform in the pursuit of search engine optimization of cannabis businesses. Take a look at some of the major cannabis SEO services that we offer:


Web Design

No amount of search engine optimization strategies can work without an SEO-friendly web design. The design and development of an SEO-friendly website is a crucial first step in cannabis SEO. We optimize the website for different browsers and devices, give it an aesthetically pleasing design, a satisfying user experience, a crawlable website structure, efficient user flows, etc.


Keyword Research

We devise a keyword strategy according to your current position on different search engines and your goals. We help you target high-volume keywords as well as long-tail keywords for increased organic traffic to your website. We also provide SEO tips for all keywords on where to incorporate them. We also offer variations and secondary keywords to incorporate into your content.


On-Page SEO

Our on-page SEO plan lists technical optimization checks that we perform to help each page of your website rank higher in organic search. We will help you build your XML sitemap and ensure that each page is accessible by the search engine crawlers. We also incorporate metadata, schema markups, and rich snippets for increased visibility.


Local SEO

Local SEO helps cannabis companies appear in the local 3-pack at the top of search results with local intent. We perform local SEO to connect cannabis companies to their customers, so when they search for a cannabis store or dispensary in their area, they can find you. A local SEO plan of implementation and its maintenance is vital for survival in the cannabis industry due to limited marketing channels.


Link Building

Links are the currency of the internet—the more sites linking to your website, the more your domain authority. The quality of links and their relevance with the cannabis industry is equally important. We help you acquire high-quality links and help you get listed on business listings and directories. These directories bring you customers and enhance your cannabis SEO performance.


GMB Optimization

Your Google My Business profile, its optimization, and maintenance are an essential part of our marijuana SEO strategy. Google My Business helps your business get recognized and appear on Google maps. It also allows you to add Google posts that appear on the sidebar in the search results when someone looks up your name.


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SEO Lead Generation

Search engines do not freely allow cannabis terms to be bought for PPC ads which limits marketing for cannabis companies difficult. A cannabis SEO agency is the only way you can increase traffic to your website and increase the number of your customers. Our cannabis SEO plan helps businesses in marketing via organic means. We help them generate leads organically through marijuana SEO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis search engine optimization (SEO) is an array of SEO best practices and techniques employed in the pursuit of marketing and increasing the visibility of a cannabis business. It is no different than SEO in general, except that it is focused on the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is limited in the channels they can use to market their business. For example, they can not run PPC ads to attract customers. So cannabis businesses rely on search engine optimization for marketing and growth. Over time, as more businesses acquired the expertise of SEO agencies to market their business, cannabis SEO became a niche of search engine optimization. It is focused on cannabis and CBD products.
The marijuana industry is still very restricted and can not be openly marketed. Cannabis and cannabis-related products are banned from social media and other advertising platforms. So cannabis companies have to rely on organic traffic from search engines like Google and Bing to bring more potential customers to their business. That's why marijuana SEO is an essential part of marijuana marketing strategies. SEO helps increase the visibility of cannabis websites organically.
Cannabis SEO can help a cannabis business bring leads and customers to their landing page organically from the search engine, something they can not accomplish using PPC ads. Cannabis brands need digital marketing just like other brands do, but they have a range of barriers in the way of digital marketing. SEO for cannabis companies helps them utilize the potential of their website and online presence to employ cannabis marketing without breaking the regulations around cannabis. SEO increases the web traffic, helps them rank better on the search engine results pages, convert traffic into leads and bring more foot traffic to the marijuana dispensary or store.
Local SEO can help cannabis businesses bring foot traffic to their dispensaries. Keyword research can help them target keywords that will bring the right customers to their website depending upon the search intent they want to target, the nature of products they sell, and their target audience. Smart social media marketing that includes scoring brand mentions helps marijuana dispensaries grow their following and market their cannabis brand without the use of paid advertising. Link building and a powerful content marketing strategy that involves writing guest blog posts for websites where potential customers lie are crucial too. Link building helps improve the domain authority of a website and ultimately helps in reaching the marijuana dispensary SEO goals.
Search engine optimization is a broad umbrella term for a long list of services and activities. How much it costs a cannabis business to employ cannabis SEO depends upon what activities their business needs. It also depends upon the current state of their online presence and their rankings in search engine results.
An SEO strategy for a cannabis website will take at least 6 months to mature and to start bringing in results. Cannabis SEO will be a long-term process and requires patience and consistency. If done right, the ROI is better than what an advertisement campaign would be able to provide.
To get started, you first need to get your website indexed. Draw up the XML sitemap of your website and submit it using the Google Search Console. Once your cannabis website is part of the game, you can start optimizing it to perform better. Get a professional marijuana SEO agency to help you devise a marijuana SEO strategy to help your website acquire traffic from search engines.
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